E & F drives on my Compaq computer with Windows 98

By joefar ·
Every time I try to use my E or F drives it has

E or F\:is not accessible. The device is not ready.

What do I need to do to make them work?

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CD drive perhaps?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to E & F drives on my Compaq ...

Do you have a CD-ROM drive in your PC? If you have C and D partitions on the hard drive and a CD-ROM drive, the CD-ROM drive would be the E: drive. If there is no CD in it, it is not accessible.

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you cant

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to CD drive perhaps?

you cant change the default drive letter for a cd rom in windows 98

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You cant

by joefar In reply to you cant

I am not trying to change the default drive for a cd rom in windows 98. My computer has windows 98 on it and I have a DVD drive and a cd rw drive also. Both were working before. Neither one is working now. Both say E or F\:is not accessible. not ready. What do I need to do to make them accesible so they will work?

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CD drive perhaps?

by joefar In reply to CD drive perhaps?

I have a DVD Drive which is E and a CD-ROM-RW drive which is F. Both were working and now neither is working. When I put a CD in either drive it says E or F\:not accessible. device not ready. How do I make them accessible so I can use them?

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Cable OK?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to CD drive perhaps?

I presume you have tried to read more than one CD in both drives.

If you are comfortable in opening the case of the PC when it is powered off and the power cable is disconnected from the PC, and if you are very careful (there are usually a few sharp metal edges and pins inside), you may be able to check that connectors in the flat IDE cable are properly pushed into the receptacles at both ends, and that the power connectors are pushed into their receptacles in the CD/DVD drives.

If you have not done this type of troubleshooting before, you may want to get a PC technician involved.

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One or other drive is likely defective!

by 1bn0 In reply to E & F drives on my Compaq ...

You say you have both a CDROM and A DVD Drive.

Are they both connected to the same ribbon cable inside the PC.

If one or the other drive has died it will cause a problem for the remaing drive and the BIOS and therefore Windows will not recognise either of them.

Basic trouble shooting:
1. Power down the machine
2. Disconnect ONE of the drive ribbon cables.Leave the other connected.

(you do not have to disconnect the power connector to the drive, it won't matter to the the machine.

3. Power up the machine and see if the remaing drive works.

4. Power down the machine.

5. Disconnect the remaing drive and reconnect the first drive.

6. Power up and test other drive.

If one fails. then you have likely found a bad drive. If neither fails then you have a different conflict.

One item to check would be if the master / slave jumpers are set correctly. One Master - One Slave.

Again this only applies if the drives are on the same ribbon cable to the one of the IDE connectors. (Usually the Secindary IDE for CDROM drives)

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More info?

by 1bn0 In reply to E & F drives on my Compaq ...

I just saw this previous post.**&start=0

Apparently from you.
"I cannot save anything to my E (DVD Rom) or F (my CD Writer) Drives on my Compaq computer. I have windows 98 installed on it."

The other reply to that post is correct. If you have a DVD ROM drive you can not save anything to it. it only READS dvds.

If your CD drive is a CD-R or CD-RW you need "burner" software to actually write data (pictures,files,etc) to the disk.

One program you can use for free is DeepBurner.

You will need to download and install it before you can use it to write to your CD drive. There are other free burner programs, but I don't recall if they work with Windows98 or not.

I have deepburner installed on a windows98 machine and it does just fine.

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