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e-Learning and Video Streaming for HR

By michael.hoehl ·
The educational benefits of Video Streaming are well know. The cost advantages of e-Learning are accepted. Why is it that more organizations don't use streaming technology for HR related education (e.g employee benefits selection, new hire education, staff development, manager training, etc.)?

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eLearning Usage By HR

by frank In reply to e-Learning and Video Stre ...

eLearning will grow by leaps and bounds. in a few years Most Universities will be offering Online Graduate Degrees. (i hope this does not extend to undergraduate -especially for the Under 25 year olds) They still need that cultural integration, behavioral modification (baby sitting etc) and not to forget, they need the labs, to learn how to break things, and take responsibility for it.)
After saying all that, HR and other "traditional folks just have not caught on to these tools yet. In addition my biggest peoblem is deliveray is sometimes frustrating, slow or cuts of at the most un-opportune time. However as technology gets better and pushing rich content become a remarkable QOS we will see more and more eLearnin services from all over the world. So hold your breath, it might be sooner than you and me think.

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