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By temilolax ·
Good day

I am a frequent user of your web site.
I have a question to ask and will be very glad to get an answer.

The scenario:
My organization has a shared pop account with an ISP that is no longer
performing. We have a domain name registered as The
e-mails are in the form and the mails are accessed
using a single Internet e-mail connection, and thereafter, distributed
automatically using the exchange server pop3gate.
This ISP hosts my domainname and e-mails are resolved to the ISP’s
The access speed of the ISP and success rate of connection has
deteriorated severely as a result of growth in customer base. I am under
pressure to do something about it.
I which to movemy pop account to the Internet and make the mails web
based so that I do not depend on only one ISP. I want a situation by
which as soon as I get an internet connection, I will be able to
retrieve my mails.

How can I make my shared pop account web based

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by erikdr In reply to e-mail

1) I don't read a good reason in the description why you'd need to switch ISP fully. It might be enough to separate between dial-up ISP and mail hosting ISP. Choose a new one for dial-up and also get permission to use this one's SMTP server for sends. Once connected, access the existing ISP's POP3 server and get the mails locally.
2) However if you really want a fully new ISP, and even web-based mail (note the loss of some functionality - e.g. file attachments can be painful to retrieve let alone send), then find one. Which is willing to take over the domainname, the old ISP can be forced to hand that over. Discuss other details with the ISP, they might e.g. use Exchange, Domino or GroupWise with the respective Webmail extensions.

<Erik> / The Netherlands

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