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One of my co-workers is having trouble with her e-mails getting blocked or put into quarantine. Some of the recipients she has sent to before. We switched from GoDaddy e-mail to Office 365 e-mail about a month ago and that is when it started. It seems to be only her e-mail. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?! She is using a Mac.
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If the mail is getting blocked it's either

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to E-mail

The User Name is listed as a source of Spam or the content of the e mail is triggering the Spam Filters.

Best way to proceed is look at the content of the e mail and make sure that there is nothing that would trigger the Spam Filters and then look at the computer E Mail Address and change her name to something different.

Of course if that particular machine is infected and sending spam you've got your answer there clean it up and do whatever is required to make it do as the user wants not the person controlling it.

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by ericabrookssf In reply to E-mail

I think that the issue resolution should be looked at within Godaddy. I left Godaddy and started using BlueHost.

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