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E-mail archiving can cause security issues

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Does your organization currently archive its e-mail? Is it required to do so? Is security a concern with your organization's e-mail archive? Share your comments about securing e-mail archives, as discussed in the Oct. 11 Internet Security Focus newsletter.

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Final Paragraph

by FriendlyTech In reply to E-mail archiving can caus ...

WE all enjoy Johnathan very well written articles. His last paragraph puts it in the nutshell, it will take forever, and thousands to solve.

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by walleyek In reply to E-mail archiving can caus ...

Have these mandates actually specified the length of time and manner (i.e. off-site vs. on-site) email messages must be archived?

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Which HIPAA mandate are we talking about?

by knudsenmj In reply to SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, CALIF P ...

I looked around to see what specific HIPAA regulation is being reference here but I can't find any. Can anyone point me to a document that will outline what our requirements are?


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No mandate from HIPAA

by knudsenmj In reply to Which HIPAA mandate are w ...

I did a little research on this and found that there is no regulation from HIPAA that requires email archives to be stored for any amount of time. Just thought I'd pass it along.

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TCO, Very confusing and expensive

by James.Lambert In reply to E-mail archiving can caus ...

We have actually been researching and trying to get an email archive solution in place since May of this year and we are still not there. I have found the articles on TechRepublic and other sites very usefull in generating a strategy for this implementation.
What we found though was outsourced solutions were at least as expensive if not more than an in-house solution for a company our size and with our requirements. The in-house solution also will give us a far greater ROI over the next three years due to storage management and administrative savings.
Either way you go, it is up to your individual policies and procedures and your legal requirements that make up the solution and make it compliant. That is the most confusing part of the whole solution as Jonathan stated in his article and it does take extensive research and education both for the adminsitrators and the end users.

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In House Solution

by maven64 In reply to TCO, Very confusing and e ...


You are correct in your view of keeping the project in house for greater ROI. Another way to keep cost down is to lose the maintenance agreement and use a depot level repair house at 40-50% of the agreement cost due to the MTBF of the hardware.

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