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E-mail forwarding services

By pfoley ·
I am an e-mail administrator for a small liberal arts college. Our director of Alumni wants to offer lifetime e-mail for the Alum through some sort of forwarding software or service. I have only been able to find one service that looked promising and haven't found any software that we can host. They don't want us to mantain a mailbox for them so all they really want is for them to receive mail at

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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What you are talking about is an SMTP relay

by Why Me Worry? In reply to E-mail forwarding service ...

but here is the tricky part in what you want to accomplish. Whoever the ISP is for your domain name ( will also be authoritative for that DNS zone and will host the MX (mail exchanger) records on their server and will also be responsible for hosting the email boxes and message relaying for you. Since you don't want to host your own email servers, someone else has to do it for you, but they also have to be authoritative for your DNS zone ( and relay email messages for your DNS zone. You can generate your own emails to your alumni from inhouse, but the emails will relay or bounce through the email server hosted at the ISP and appear to come from

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re: email forwading service

by pfoley In reply to What you are talking abou ...

We actually host our own MX records as well as 3 e-mail servers. What we actually want is to create a subdomain and have a service to just forward e-mail to that domain to whatever user account that particular user wants it to go to.

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