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E-mail from MS Exchange

By pcnetworktech ·
How do I configure the MAC client to get e-mails from MS Exchange mail server. We don't use POP3. Is outlook express compatible with exchange server or and is there any other programs to get e-mail from ms exchange server 2003. Thanks for all your help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

if you can get your hands on Office then use Outlook. outlook express only pop3 client. outlook can be used either way...

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by BlitzSonik In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

Outlook works well but it is now longer being produced for future versions. The last being Office 10 for the MAC.

Microsoft is instead going with Entourage 2004 for the email program. I have not set this up as of this moment but I actually have it scheduled for fourth quarter.

If all you need is email support then the plain old email program that comes with the OS should work just fine, at least it does for us.

Also, you could turn on Outlook Web Access (OWA) and then the MAC client would use IE to get their mail. They would have to be connected to the internet of course.

Good Luck

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by lyon_bleu In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

If all the Macs are running under OS 9, then OE is a very good choice. It is the only choice if you are looking for an integrated pop, imap, and news solution. Be aware that although the features are almost identical between the Windows and Mac versions, the preference panels and wizards look very different, so your help desk might want to prepare an html or pdf 'presentation' of the setup routine that they can refer to while providing support.

OE runs well in Classic mode under OS X. This does require an installation of OS 9.2.2 as well, which is no longer included on the system CD since 10.3. Support for OE is officially withdrawn and Entourage is being pushed.

Apple's Mail app, as well as several other clients that run under OS X, supports imap accounts. None have the same level of integration with Exchange Server that OE or Entourage does--surprise, surprise



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by p.j.hutchison In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

You can use any IMAP/POP3/MAPI client to access Exchange from Macintosh. Outlook, Entourage, Mail should all work from Exchange.
You need to configure Incoming/Outgoing servers to point to the Exchange server and the account as your Domain account. Also, for SMTP you should enable Authentication to server to send mail.

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by alalvareztech In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

Yes you can use any IMAP aware mail client like Apple's mail as
well as Microsoft Entourage. Both of these programs offer
Exchange support.

it is pretty simple to setup as long as your mail server supports
IMAP. You wil lalso need to configure LDAP to take full
advantage of an Exchange Server.

I hope this helps. If it does please rate it. thanks

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by agencisa In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

You can configure Macintosh clients to recieved emails from an exchange server running on PC server by using Microsoft Outlook 2001 for Macintosh, its quite simple to configure it if your questions is not answer yet you can email me and i will send you some tips on how to it.

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by jeff_23_a In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

You need to use Entourage to be able to get emails from MS
Exchange. The cool thing about Entourage is that you can setup
more that one account from MS Exchange. MS Outlook only
allows you one Exchange account.

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by speeder-net In reply to E-mail from MS Exchange

We have a number of Mac systems running Entourage and it works well on OS 10.3, the systems running 10.4 (Tiger) had a tremendous number of problems with email attachements corrupting and compatibility when sending mail between Mac and Windows machines. We have since rolled all of our systems back to 10.3 as Microsoft has no fix that we are aware of.

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