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E-mail is being converted to plain text

By SonicClang ·
I hope go GOD this is the right place to post this question, frankly I'm getting sick of posting it and being told it's in the wrong place.

The problem I'm encountering is: I have a traveling user connecting to our mail server from the internet to send e-mail as if he's actually on our network. I'm guessing this is fairly normal, considering he did it at his previous place of employment. Every e-mail he sends is being converted to plain text. But the format of the e-mail is still technically HTML. On the Format menu in Outlook "HTML" is checked.

We're running Windows 2000 server and Exchange 5.5 for e-mail.

This guy is our sales and marketing manager. He wants to have pretty-looking e-mails to impress clients. Plain text e-mails don't look very pretty, they're down right ugly.

PLEASE help me out here. I can't figure this out!


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by fred07 In reply to E-mail is being converted ...


His laptop is checked for html so is the server permission been given on his account there???


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by SonicClang In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

What permission would I need to give him on the server? He has an account that I set up with the same settings as my own. I've never sent e-mail from the outside, I never had a reason to, so I don't know if I would have this problem.

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by SonicClang In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

How do I reply to this? I can only add a comment.

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by maxwell edison In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

Source for my answer:

See the link for the whole answer, but here is part of it:

Because all e-mail programs are not alike, your message may not look the same in your recipient's e-mail program as it looked when you composed it in Outlook 2002. Following are some e-mail problems you may need to work around for some of your recipients.

HTML formatted message arrives unformatted
If the recipient sees only an unformatted version of an HTML formatted message you sent, or sees an unformatted version with an attachment that repeats the message text, it's because the recipient's e-mail program doesn't understand HTML.

This problem can occur when you send e-mail to recipients who use e-mail programs that can't display HTML. Instead, these programs can only display the plain text version of the message. However, some e-mail programs will also attach the HTML version, in case the recipient wants to use their Web browser (which does understand HTML) to see the fully formatted version of the message.

Recipient's mail supports HTML, but message arrives without formatting or pictures
One of the following might have occurred:

On the way to the recipient, your message might have been routed through an e-mail server that doesn't support formatted messages. Check with your e-mail system administrator about using the HTML message format.

After you created the initial message in HTML, you changed the message format, or you created the message in another format and then clicked HTML on the Format menu before sending........

See the article for the rest.

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by maxwell edison In reply to

Another nice article:

Sending HTML Email

(Two part article - click to page two after page one.)

And another:

Sending HTML Formatted Email:


And some "related" articles that you may find interesting:

HTML Email: Whenever Possible, Turn It Off!

And another:

7 reasons why HTML e-mail is EVIL!!!

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by TechKid In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

on your exchange server, check this:

ESM>Global Settings>Internet Message Formats>Right click Default>Properties>Message Formats

Make sure MIME type is set to Both and not Plain Text Only

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by SonicClang In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

I just e-mailed him to ask why he needs to use HTML. I don't see why HTML is so bad to use. Most businesses have high speed connections to the internet now so why is it such a big deal?

I checked the settings you told me to check, and HTML was not checked. It is now. When I sent him an HTML e-mail he said it was converted to plain text when he received it. What's up with that?

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by SonicClang In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

I can send an e-mail to myself to my home account and e-mails retain their original formatting. That leads me to believe my server is set up correctl and the problem is on his end. It's either the settings on his computer or the ISP he's connecting to to get e-mail.

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by Alma_is_cool In reply to E-mail is being converted ...

Check in the users address book, find the address that he is sending to, and click on properties, there is a check box on the name tab that forces all email to be sent to that address in plain text only, clear the check mark and you should be good to go. You will have to do it on all addresses.

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