e521 motherboard

By hcetri ·
I have a dell d521 desktop that was damaged by lightening. The powersupply is bad and the ethenet port damaged. I was am thinking of repairing it but I am not sure of all the damage since I can't turn it on with a bad power supply. It has a BTX motherboard with an amd am2 processor. These boards are hard to find. Is there a way to test the board to see if any thing else is wrong?

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by seanferd In reply to e521 motherboard

getting another power supply would be a start, or take it to a shop.

A new computer may be in order, if you don't want to get a PSU.

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I hate to be 'Mr. Obvious' but.....

by robo_dev In reply to e521 motherboard

a new PSU would give you the test platform you need.

If the board will power-up with a new PSU, then you can see what parts fried.

Sometimes lightning is very selective, and you'll just see a couple of diodes with their tops blown off. Look for burnt things...

My first concern would be for the data, so pull that hard drive outta there before testing, just in case the drive controller does something nasty like send +12V down a data line.

The worst case scenario is that the lightning cooked the voice-coil driver chip on the hdd, then that drive would be very dead.

I hate to be negative, but I would only dig into component-level repair on that mobo as a fun project, not beceause I would expect the PC to ever run properly again.

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