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each of 3 Masters to 1 Detail in Oracle Forms: how to arrange?

By john.a.wills ·
I have up to 3 instances of a Master (permit) showing on the form; for each master there can be only one Detail (vehicle). There are with the restrictions I have set (ID, expiry year of permit) two instances in the database; the Master appears for both but the Detail only for the first. Presumably I should change something in the data block property palettes, but I am not sure what. I am adapting from an earlier part of the form, where only one Master is allowed, with up to 3 Details, and that works.

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Um master detail

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to each of 3 Masters to 1 De ...

is 1 to many.
Three masters and three details would work
A lot of code and three masters to one 'detail' where it was a union could work
Some code and show the detail for the currently selected master would work

Reversing the relation ship Vehicle to Permit would be better.

Youi are trying to bend the facitly sio far out of shape you'll snap it.

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