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EAI Strategy

By yves.cote/maison ·
I'd like to share anyone's experience in building an enterprise-wide EAI Strategy and infrastructure.
I wonder if this is a silly endeavor or a hot career move.

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by amitkg In reply to EAI Strategy

It is the most exciting thing happenning in IT.

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EAI/B2B - just make them talk

by philip In reply to EAI Strategy

The market for EAI and B2B is growing. Essentially, over the last decades people have built systems all over the place. Replacing all of them with integrated solutions does not seem an option. So make them talk to each other, whether they are your applications, your suppliers, or apps for your customers.
Believe that in the future, people will not buy gigantic ERP systems, but will build small applications, which address a specific business need, and which are open and standards based (XML), so that they can share and exchange information.

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EAI - promise of component integration?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to EAI/B2B - just make them ...

I agree with the previous comment - that systems will be built (and therefore business
flow will be accomplished !) in the future
by the integration of more-closely scoped
and managed components, more at the system
level of integration, with EAIbeing the
"glue" that holds them together. IBM's
San Francisco notwithstanding, I've never
seen a good application of software component
re-use (and I suspect it's because specifying
functionality at the 'component' level is
almost impossible... although Rational would
claim otherwise . So, we're left with
'big' boxes to integrate... functional and
legacy systems... and EAI solves the problem
of stringing the business flow through them.

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