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Easier to use as long as we can make money on it

By Vulpinemac ·
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"I understand that the next iPhones will require a special screwdriver"

by Vulpinemac In reply to Easier to use as long as ...

And where is this any different from Nintendo 20 years ago?
If you ask me there was every reason to do what Apple has done to make their hardware more proprietary--the exact same reasons everybody else does. Ok, so it does mean more money through licensing; show me a single manufacturer or patent holder that isn't sticking their grubby little paws into other companies' wallets and now even software developers' wallets. Not a single one of your complaints singles out Apple from anybody else. However, money wasn't the only reason; if it was, then Apple's products would be just as generic as HP, Dell and the others.

A long, long time ago in a society far different from the one we have today, a company made its reputation by offering solidly reliable products and providing great service. The rule of the day was, <i>"The Customer is Always Right"</i>. With this rule in mind, when a customer had a problem with a product, it was either repaired or replaced on the spot. Today, corporations operate under the rules of, "The customer is a thief" and "The bottom line is all that matters". Apple, remarkably, is trying to live by the earlier rule while accepting that the customer isn't -- always -- right.

As such, Steve Jobs and crew work to not only make a good product, but to make that product work right the first time for even a previous non-user. Their products' simplicity of use and high reliability for over 30 years has made their users extremely loyal, far more so than the average Windows user (I don't mean techies who make their living with computers.) For that matter, I've seen Windows loyalists who have actively given OS X a try and convert their entire homes within a year--developers and professional IT people alike.

How do you make money? By making a product people <i><b>WANT</b></i> to use.

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Gotta back you on this one point.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to &quot;I understand that t ...

I remember cursing a blue streak the first time I saw a desktop that required something other than a Phillips screwdriver to get into to. Now Torx heads are on more systems than not. If Apple's doing this, there's nothing unique about it.

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Personally I would Imagine that they are using

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gotta back you on this on ...

Tamper Proof Torx Screws

Far better than the straight Torx Screws.


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You mean the ones that shred the case?

by seanferd In reply to Personally I would Imagin ...

Those are <i>awesome</i>!

Although a particular favorite of mine is the screw which needs a star-shaped bit with a recessed center.

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Yep adding that Post in the middle

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You mean the ones that sh ...

Of the Star Shaped Bit make them much easier to remove when you use the right Bit in the driver.

Or at least in my case the Right Driver. I don't like replaceable bits all that much on things I use a lot. The bits seem to fall out or worse still hold the screw till you get it clear and then if falls off.

It must be those cheap nasty Blue Point Drivers that I use. Apparently Snap On doesn't make shoddy tools so they don't make replaceable bits drivers.


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I guess you didn't see the link I posted

by JJFitz In reply to Gotta back you on this on ...

This is not a torx head on the iPhone. It's a new unique proprietary head.
Just a new way to keep you out of your own property.
Here's a link to more detailed information about the Apple screw. (pun intended)

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