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By ldemaison@kendallschools. ·
I burned files to a Staples cd-r 80 minute-700mb cd using Easy Cd creator version 3.5. I went back to add additional files to the cd. It asked if I wanted to start a new track and answered yes. It then burned my new file. Now I cannot access my old files. does anyone know how I can access these previously burned files?

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Technical Q&A

by Oz_Media In reply to easy cd creator

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You posted to the wrong forum, but you will get help if you post in the Technical Q&A forum.

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Well its been a long time since I used 3.5

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to easy cd creator

But there should be a "Session Selector" available in the recording box that will allow you to read different sessions.


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ISO buster

by mkbljb In reply to easy cd creator

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