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Easy Cd Creator 5, Win 2k, and Win XP

By pt242 ·
I use a computer that has windows 2000 and easy cd creator 5. when i burn files onto a cd-r with the win2k computer and put in in a win xp computer it reads it 90% of the time. now when i burn files to a cd-rw and put it in the win xp computer it wont copy files off or won't read it at all. what gives?

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by TheChas In reply to Easy Cd Creator 5, Win 2k ...

Are you burning to the CD-RW disk?

Or are you using Direct CD by dragging files to the CD-RW disk?

If you are burning files to the CD-RW disk, I suspect that there is an alignment issue between the CD drive on the XP box and the burner on the W2K system.

If you are using Direct CD, you need to install UDF reader software on the XP box.

You can use the link, or your Easy CD 5 CD.

There are some issues with Easy CD 5 and XP.

You may need to install updates from both Microsoft and Roxio to use even the UDF reader on the Easy CD 5 CD on XP.


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by glyall In reply to Easy Cd Creator 5, Win 2k ...

I have have problems with Easy CD in the past.
Using Nero now fewer problems.

To use a CD-RW I have have to have both a burner and the Easy CD software on both PCs to work right.
Note CD-RW have to be formatted first.
The size than is about 500 MB not 640MB or more as state on the CD-RW.

CD-R have to beclosed (can not write to it any more) to use the CD-R in other PCs/Laptops.

Have you thought about an USB thumb drive(I have heard them called a lot of differnet names).
I like them better for transferring data between PCs/Laptops. They come in sizes from 128 MB to about 2GB. They are a lot faster.

Note using them please keep them away from cell phones that vibrates that are in the same pocket.
They will be damaged.

Good Luck

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