Easy (GUI) way to remove VPN connection in Win7? (Solved - now rants mode)

By TobiF ·
I've started playing with a new laptop. It has Win7 (Home premium 64bit).

Among other things, I configured a VPN connection.

Guess what!

Now I can't find any easy way to remove this VPN connection!

In Vista & XP you could bring up a window with all your defined network connections, select and delete, but here, the connection list pops up in the lower right corner. "Del" does nothing, right-click offers only connect and properties!

Is there any way, except registry hacking, to nicely remove a defined vpn-connection?

Wanted to check with you, before attempting to write to Redmond :)

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Windows 7 Networking is a Hack...

Don't know if this is what you're reffering to, but go to the Control Panel click to open the (yukky!) Network and Sharing Center, and once open, on the left, click on "Change adapter settings" and the XP style connections list opens up. Select the VPN connection, right-click, DELETE. Poof! Gone!

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by TobiF In reply to Windows 7 Networking is a ...


Gosh. I should have figured out to search there, as well.
In Previous versions, "adapter settings" usually had a different meaning.

But, one should have expected such a move from the company that invented the ribbon, thereby forcing the world to spend millions of hours searching for idiotic buttons...

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by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to Thanks!

No problem. It took me forever to figure that one out too. Actually, both. Damn ribbon!

I hate the new "Network and Sharing Center", they should have never made the change.

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For both of you: Win 7 "god mode"?

by seanferd In reply to ROFL

Avoid the pesky "user friendly" routing through categories.

TR article:

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Well, I never...

Well done that man! I always knew there was a way to remove that Gawd-awful "user-friendly" grouping...

Cheers, dude. Have a beer on me!

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My hatred for some UI improvements knows no bounds.

by seanferd In reply to Well, I never...

At least XP had Classic Mode. Praise be to "undocumented features" in 7.


For now, a deep draught of coffee from my TR mug shall have to suffice, but thank you. Cheers!

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by TobiF In reply to For both of you: Win 7 " ...

Seems useful. I'll check that out on my W7 tonight!

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I just found the easy way!

by seanferd In reply to For both of you: Win 7 " ...

Reading J Wallen's latest, I looked over the other apps at the referenced site and found this.

Turn on "god-mode" interfaces by checking a checkbox.

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One more pet peeve...

There's only one more annoying petpeeve than the last. The inability to download stuff.

How many pages must we delve thru' before we are finally able to click on the hallowed 'Download' button (and actually see the download start)???

{Insert teeth gnashing here...}

Four pages, sayeth the gospel according to Nozavi...

Breathe in...

{And now the zen.}

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by TobiF In reply to One more pet peeve...

What you're referring to is probably not so much depending on the OS as on the browser. And here I guess that a large software vendor from Redmond has added levels of "Are you sure?" in order to clear themselves off claims around accidental downloading of executable files etc.

I guess Firefox would work on Win7? My experience there is that one has to be alert in order to NOT download something on the first click... :)

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