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Easy Managbale Web Server

By dthirlway ·
Ok, I dont really know Linux. I wont to setup a Web Server and Email POP3 Server to sit on our network live to store our web and email.

What is the best version to use?
Where is the best easy to follow how to set it all up for free on the web, so I can set it up configure it and lock it down as secury as I can.


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by akalinowski In reply to Easy Managbale Web Server
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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Easy Managbale Web Server

Now I don't know if I'm reading this correctly but do you want to setup a Nix Web & Mail Server?

If you don't have any previous knowledge on Nix you are going to have some problems as it is different to Windows so you'll need something with both Technical Support and Documentation. This tends to rule out the Free alternatives as they just lack the required needs for your individual application.

For a Beginner with any Mission Critical Application I would tend to recommend Red Hat Enterprise or SUSE Professional both come with a really good support network and manuals so you will not be suffering any prolonged downtime.

I would really recommend that you do not attempt this unless you have at the very least had a play with various Distributions of Linux from the different vendors and have been part of a Linux User Group for some time or you'll be in all sorts of trouble.

For a local Linux User Group you can try here

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available from

and the SUSE Pro Version is available from here

If you Really Must go with the free option I would still join a LUG and first install the OS to a computer where you can first use it for a decent amount of time before deploying it into any Mission Critical areas perhaps you could have this Nix box sitting beside an already running Windows Server box so that you do not experience any problems with Down Time before switching to an Nix Web & Mail Server.

The following article should help point out some of the differences between Windows and Linux

The following site will give you a fair sample of what is available that will meet your needs but this is NOT something to rush into without first doing Significant Testing so you at the very least know what it is that you are letting yourself in for.


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by Jaqui In reply to Easy Managbale Web Server

Hall 9000 is right, take the time to learn it, or contract with someone local that knows linux to do it for you.

otherwise you will be jumping into the fire after dousing yourself with gasoline.

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