Easy one: Why doesn't Outlook pull all my pop3 email?

By beldave ·
I use Outlook 2003 to pull emails from 3 email address that are gmail based. I'm starting to notice that OL doesn't pull everyone of them. Its random, but there are emails, not spam related in my main gmail account that it doens't pull down into OL. Any ideas? To my knowledge these emails in gmail weren't read before on their server, as they show up new and unread. OL just doesn't pull them. Thanks in advance!!!

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Not enough info!!

by ComputerCookie In reply to Easy one: Why doesn't Out ...

Try this link

If that doesn't work post what settings you have in Outlook, use an asterisk to hide account names etc.

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Your previous

by santeewelding In reply to Not enough info!!

Was more better -- an instance of superior communication.

You flunk this one.

Reminds me of my customers who, with their "easy one", try convincing me their problem is of such nonconsequence, I should pay them for privilege of the experience.

I wondered how long he would go unanswered before someone got sucked in.

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by beldave In reply to Your previous

you really feel the need to flame me. This great site lets people take a moment out of their day and help others - you only have those moments reserved to be rude, arrogant and ultimately undeserving to participate here? How sad for you.

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thank you

by beldave In reply to Not enough info!!

I followed all the setup that is provided in that link, several months ago when I intially setup Outlook to work with our Gmail emails. And its been fine ever since - save for a random email, every now and then not getting pulled into Outlook. The email in question that prompted me to post was replied to yesterday by us and they in turn sent a reply back. When I opened OL to send/receive, I not only got their reply, but the orginal email as well. Its like it just found it today for the first time, even though its been in gmail for a couple of days. I will keep futzing around with it - I appreciate your help!

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Using POP3, Outlook isn't PULLING ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Easy one: Why doesn't Out ...

Gmail is PUSHING!

Outlook just happens to let Gmail know, every so often, that it's ready and willing to receive anything Gmail's got for sending.

Therefore, check your Gmail settings, particularly any filters you may have inadvertently created then forgotten about.

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thank you

by beldave In reply to Using POP3, Outlook isn't ...

Forgive me for the incorrect verbage there, but I will definitely check Gmail and see if there is anything that is restricting a random email from coming through. Appreciated!

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