easy way to change name format in excel

By l0g1c ·
I am trying to find an easy way to change name formatting in excel from "firstname, lastname" to "lastname, firstname". I was wondering if there is a macro to get this done quickly.

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NEVER put two types of data in one field

by jdclyde In reply to easy way to change name f ...

because as soon as you do, you lose the ability to work with whatever is the second set of data.

Best thing to do, copy the column, then delete out the first name from one, and delete out the last name from the other.

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Name Format Conversion - Save in 2 columns

by CMLOtt In reply to NEVER put two types of da ...

If the format you want changed is like:
Last Name, First Name
use Excel's TEXT class of functions.

Create a formula that locates the position of the comma (FIND or SEARCH), and then

Use the LEFT function to save everything before the comma as the Last Name in one column, and

ditto for the right part as First Name in another column.

You probably also need the LEN function to find out how many characters need to be extracted from the right side, since names do vary in length.

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