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Easy Way To Decrease Heat Of Laptop Wire-Box

By inventiveminds ·
If you never reached down to feel the heat of your laptop's wire, ya know the box that connects the wire that goes into the laptop and the wire that goes into the wall? That box can get MAD HOT!! I use my laptop on the bed quite a bit and this box is usuallly near my arm or hand and one day I could feel the heat coming off it and when i touched it.. it just felt like it could even melt if I didn't do something.

So, I used some ingenuity and came up with a cool way to decrease the heat of the wire box by at lease 70%... I grabbed a typical Pentium II Heat Sync, took the processor off it, then I grabbed a big rubber band and secured the heat sync to sit on top of the wire box (and it's just about a perfect fit for my wire). Now the heatsync is absorbing so much of the heat through the prongs that neither the sync or the plug is anywhere near 'hot' anymore!

A cool fix!!

Gerard Haughey

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