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Easy? Win98SE & Peer-to-Peer

By D'anno ·
Maybe too easy, but here 'tis anyway. I have (2) Win98SE boxes (one Linux and one Win2K also, but will deal w/them later) connected through hub, ethernet NIC's/cabling and connected to cable modem (connected directly to the hub). My ISP assigns IPaddresses via DHCP. Currently, the only network protocol assigned is TCP/IP. At one time, had NetBUI assigned. I have assigned both boxes the same workgroup name and turned on Print/File Sharing services. WINIPCFG indicates host names like "box1.charter.net" and "box2.charter.net" with no naming specific to my assigned workgroup. I don't understand why the boxes can't see each other in Network Neighborhood unless it is because I MUST assign static IP's like and If I do this, I lose my Internet connect?? Any suggestions?

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Easy? Win98SE & Peer-to-Peer

by McKayTech In reply to Easy? Win98SE & Peer-to- ...

In my opinion, the best way to deal with this situation is to add a second NIC card to one of the Win98SE boxes. Set up this NIC card to talk to the cable modem using DHCP and plug the cable modem directly into this NIC with a crossover cable.

Then set up Internet Connection Sharing on the Win98 box connected to the cable modem. By default, ICS will assign a static address to the NIC connected to your other machines and establish a route between the two. Then you can just set up your otherWin98SE machine with a static IP and they should talk just fine (or you could use NetBeui on the local side if you wanted although you'll need IP for the ICS).

Then, to add the Linux box and the Win2K box, just assign them static IP addresses as well and use the address of the first box (the one with the cable modem attached) as the gateway. You may have to manually add DNS entries for your ISP's DNS servers, but everything should then talk nicely, both with each other and with the Internet.


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Easy? Win98SE & Peer-to-Peer

by D'anno In reply to Easy? Win98SE & Peer-to- ...

Good suggestion, but I've been there and ICS won't setup properly, even with the help of a few TechRepub. techies. The ICS client was able to ping both host NIC's (one static, the other dynamically assigned by the cable ISP). I thought there was away to do this without network address translation? Maybe not . . .

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