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eBooks anyone?

By CG IT ·
From PC World, another major publisher rejects Amazon's 9.99 ebook pricing model.

I buy ebooks from Barnes and Nobles's online ebook seller and usually pay about the same price as a paperback. From $6.00 USD to $8.00 USD. While I could go to a book store and buy it, I'd rather get an ebook so I don't have all these paperback books laying round that I have to donate or recycle. Well worth the price in convience factor as well as environment factor.

But, what I won't do is buy $14.95 ebooks. No matter who the author is, if I have to pay that kind of money, I want the hard copy or I won't buy the book until it's the paperback price.

Does anyone else buy ebooks and at what price wouldn't you pay for an ebook. Apple, it seems, believes consumer will pay $14.95 for an ebook from their store and read it on the iPad. Not for me. Don't need a $500.00 gadget to read a $14.95 book that I could probably get at the book store and then put on the shelf or even loan it to friends.

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US$6.00 is my limit, usually US$5.00 per book - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to eBooks anyone?
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humm Think I'll move to New SW Wales.

by CG IT In reply to US$6.00 is my limit, usua ...

While I can get discounts most of the time it's $6.95 or $7.95 for an ebook.

Damn Ernest how come their a dollar US cheaper down under?

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I buy over the Internet from places like

by Deadly Ernest In reply to humm Think I'll move to ...

and a few others, but I also get a **** of a lot for free from

Hey, what sort of books do you read? - I also write, and the first site above is my e-publisher.

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by CG IT In reply to I buy over the Internet f ...

reading Elizabeth Peters Amerila Peabody series, Kathy Reichs's Temperance Brennan series, Anne Perry's Thomas Pitt series, Stephen Coonts, **** Francis, authors like that.

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May I suggest you add Lindsay Davis, Ellis Peters,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thrillers/mystery/whodone ...

Peter Ellis, and Tremayne, to that list. I love mysteries and action and good scifi.

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Sci Fi genre

by CG IT In reply to May I suggest you add Lin ...

I like some Sci Fi. Mostly the Sci Fi fantasy stuff. The Knights, damsels in distress,and wizards stuff. and of course R.A. Salvatore's Legend of Drizzit series.

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I'm more into the hard core and action scifi, like

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Sci Fi genre

Old guard - Asimov, Heinlen, Clarke, Niven, etc; new guard - Weber, Moon, McCaffrey, etc - love McCaffrey's Pern series with the dragon. Yeah, real hard core scifi with dragons.

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Gor and Pern....

by CG IT In reply to Sci Fi genre

used to have every Gor book but well they got donated...

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did you look at those web sites I listed? - try them, there's

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Sci Fi genre

a lot of good stuff on the web that's free.

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eBook??? What is that?

by cmiller5400 In reply to eBooks anyone?

I don't do the e-book thing and I rarely buy books. I go to a Library and check out books (I make sure that I donate to the library fund regularly.) I stare long enough at a monitor all day, I don't want to curl up in front of the fireplace with a nice hot cup of cocoa and an iPad and read a glowing screen. Sorry it's not for me right now; give me a hard cover or paper back any day.

Maybe I will rethink my ways down the road a bit, but not right now.

Just my 2 cents worth...

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