Ebooks - Where can I find them?

By kseannng ·
Hello All,

Does anyone know where I can go to access Technology Ebooks? I would like to learn different technologies but I don't want to go out and pay for the books.

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Have you

by XT John In reply to Ebooks - Where can I fin ...

tried your local library? Many are offering downloadable e-books, not sure how 'techy' the selection is, but you can still borrow traditional books... some near here have a great assortment:) If they don't, they can get them from another branch for you...

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by Choppit In reply to Ebooks - Where can I fin ...

If you Google you'll find most of the information you need either as articles or tutorials on the web. If you're willing to part with some money take a look at;

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by TheChas In reply to Ebooks - Where can I fin ...

If your looking for computer and IT related e-books, give Realtime Publishers a try.

The bitpipe knowledge service also provides links to some e-books.


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by kseannng In reply to Realtime

Thanks guys, Keep them coming if you have more.

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Condensed Ebooks Give Info You Need at low prices

by carson.danfield In reply to Ebooks - Where can I fin ...

Have you downloaded any of those over-price ebooks recently? It seems like everybody and his brother is writing those fluff filled 200 page monster-sized ebooks and peddling them for nearly a hundred dollars.
Most of these ebooks are pumped full of needless, worthless information just to
increase their page count. Recently, I purchased a much advertised AdSense ebook about how to make thousands of dollars every month from Google AdSense. I read the whole ebook and the only advice was to make the AdSense ads blend in with the rest of your site so they don't look like ads.
This was a case of taking ten pages worth of info and blowing it up to nearly 200
pages just to give the illusion of value! If this ebook were reduced to the really
useful info, people would complain about pay such a high price for just a few
pages of information. Fortunately, a new idea in ebooks is becoming quite popular - ebooks that don't have to be pumped up with filler to make them appear worth the money. No garbage pages just to increase bulk. Only the real, no BS information you really need. Cost effective ebooks that inform you, teach you AND they won't put a dent in your bank account.

What's the price? Only seven bucks!

Browse thru this <a href="">Monsterous Selection of

$7 Ebooks</a>

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Technology Ebooks

by gk760206 In reply to Ebooks - Where can I fin ...

hey hi you can find pdf ebook files for download at

I hope it will be useful website for you

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