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eCommerce...realy how does it work?

By kolobe ·
Being able to buy and sell over the internet is quite a thrilling experience. But from a technical point of view, I never really understood it. In a nutshell, I would like to know how ecommerce solutions work with special attention to the following.

?One can get a credit card from several banks, how do you ultimately connect to their servers?

?Can?t confidential credit card information of a customer be accessed by a supplier and how far can they go in as far as customer funds are concerned?

?Since I?m a developer, I also like to know what it takes to build one, SDK, Web services sites, subscriptions etc.

?What happends when transections fail, what are the rollback strategies. What about if someone makes a mistake and adds an additional zero by miskate; can they cancel?

?How do you test such a site; can one just test with fake money or something like that?

I?ll be more that pleased if all or some of these questions are answered. Thanking you in advance.

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eCommerce-different strokes

by XPFuddled In reply to eCommerce...realy how doe ...

Question 1)--Connecting to bank servers--when you set up your site you will have to make a choice of providers (Pay Pal, American Express, etc) who interface with the account information as provided by the customer.
Q#2)--depends on the provider-look for certain security logos that you trust.
Q#3)--Microsoft has classes and walk-thrus that you can use, they are simple and easily remembered.
So does Intel.
Q#4)--The prices are set by YOU, not them, they do not enter amounts, they merely agree with them and then allow the transaction to progress.
If the transaction fails, default brings them to a 'make a choice' page-- they will have options listed for them.
Q#5)--Go to Verisign.com--they have all the info you want, and many plans that you may be interested in--even if you are just doing this to Learn. BYE

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