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Economic Captive Portal Appliance

By rksutton ·
I have a hospitality client that will provide free wireless internet access. As part of this solution, we need to implement a "captive portal" solution.

A restaurant patron will be redirected to a website to agree to Terms/Conditions before they are redirected to the public internet.

Is anyone aware of any economical captive portal appliances? (Note: We already have the wireless access points.)

Much thanks

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Economic Captive Portal A ...

DLink has a nice little hub-sized device that does this for you. It's a 3100, though I forget the letters in front of that.

I bought one for our visitors about 2 years ago for $500. We customized the pages and just use local user databases. It can tie in to ldap, radius, whatever, too. If you want, it can be integrated with a ticket printer and credit card payments...

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Re: Lots

by rksutton In reply to Lots

We worked with the folks at DLink. It seems this unit required a Username/Password to gain access, which we need to avoid.

We want our customers to get directed to a website that requires them to say they agree with our Terms of Use (which are avaiable via a link to a pdf or something) before gaining access to the internet.

The DLink is unable to support a link and would require username/password.

Any other ideas? Please?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Re: Lots

We customized our intercept page. Use their web site to download the manual for the device and see what is needed for the commands - you can then pass the correct verification once someone has clicked on the action button of your choice (perhaps an "I accept").

We simply wrote our own pages and then uploaded them to the DSA device.

Whoever you spoke with there didn't know these devices very well.

Cisco has a somewhat more expensive version, I'm sure each vendor has one. Or you can just build a linux box to do the same thing...

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