ecs pf21 motherboard question

By caferacing ·
I am building a new pc for myself using the ecs pf21 MB. I have it all together and every time I power it up everything comes on just fine, but 5 seconds later it powers off, and a second later powers back up and continues to cycle like this till I manually power it off.

I switched the processor out for a new one, same thing. Tried different Ram (new in both cases) and still same thing. I have read everything I can find with no answers in site. I really dont want to buy even more new parts to try and get this running, anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

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Check out the power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to ecs pf21 motherboard ques ...

This sounds like an under powered power supply. Once it starts and then sees too much power drain and shuts off, then tries to restart again.

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by caferacing In reply to Check out the power suppl ...

Thats what I thought at first, had a 400 watt on it, and bought a new 500 watt, and still does the same thing.

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ide cables

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to ecs pf21 motherboard ques ...

Check that your ide cables are not corrupt,this can cause data transfer from your cd-rom to the hdd to be incorrectly written.This also occurs when you have your hdd and cd-rom on the same ide channel.Also check your bios for hardware registration as a it will track something you have installed but is not working corrctly.Make sure that cashing is also disabled in the bios as this screws up your installation

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not that far

by caferacing In reply to ide cables

I cant even get that far. The machine wont turn on long enough to even get to the bios, or anything else. I have unplugged everything a piece at a time and it does the same thing. This really has me stumped. It even does it with everything unplugged (no HDD, cdrom, keyboard, mouse, everything)

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to not that far


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Wow, looks like the most obvious were checked.

by w2ktechman In reply to ecs pf21 motherboard ques ...

Now, what is plugged into the board?
Some things to check
Video card, if one is plugged in, and you ave an on-board card, try the onboard (pull the slotted one).
Sound card (same as video).
Check that the CPU is cooling properly (is there a cpu fan, if so is it plugged in? Does it spin?

keep it to the basics first, you said that you had this problem with both a 400 and 500 watt PS. so it is unlikely to be the PS, but what about the plugs. Is it 20 or 24 PIN, are you using an adapter (not recommended).

Another thought is the case switch. Make sure it is not 'sticking'. If it stays depressed, it will surely cause the system to shutdown after a short delay (usually 6 seconds).
Or the switch itself can be faulty, try another switch as a test

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tried that too

by caferacing In reply to Wow, looks like the most ...

I have tried it with the video card, without it, unplugged everything but the processor/ram ect. The fans are all working fine, there are led's on the MB for each pci slot and memory slot and all are comming on, going out as described in the manual correctly.

it has a 24 pin power plug, and the last four are blocked with a sticker. My power supply has 20/24 (the last four can be detached from the plug) and I have been using just the 20 pin configuration because the sticker covered the last 4.

One of the first things I tried was the switch, I removed it and jumped the pins manually with a screwdriver tip to be sure there was no reamaining connectivity, still same thing. Just powers up for 5 seconds, no peeps or anything, then powers down, and cycles till I switch the power off with the manual switch on the PS.

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manual switch from the PS?

by w2ktechman In reply to tried that too

The power supplies that I have used have a switch, but it is 220V -- 110V, not an on/off. Personally I would pull the plug before switching this.
It sounds lie the MB is probably bad then. Take it back and exchange it.

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by caferacing In reply to manual switch from the PS ...

all of my PS have on-off switches as well as the 110/220 red switch, it is a black toggle.

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