Edge can't be opened anymore

By zlzpqx ·
I have three browsers in my PC: Edge, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

Until today, I had no problem using any one of them. Today I cannot open Edge. So I reinstalled it and rebooted my PC. (My Control Panel Apps list shows Edge to be there with today's installation date.) I still can't open Edge.

Please suggest a solution. Thank you.


Incidentally, after downloading and executing Edge setup, strangely I never got the message which is routinely obtained after downloading and executing setup of any app, saying "installation successful; click on Finish." (But, as I wrote above, Control Panel Apps list does show Edge with today's installation date.)
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Remember that the answer varies with each machine.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Edge can't be opened anym ...

My thoughts.

1. EDGE SAFE MODE would be my first try.
The command is:
start msedge -inprivate
Read if you don't know about the command prompt.

2. notes how to use CCLEANER. Be sure to not change settings or do more cleaning than what this article calls for.

3. notes EDGE's repair and reset options.

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Re: Edge

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Edge can't be opened anym ...

- What OS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)?
- Where did you download from?
- What happens if you run it by doubleclick in File Explorer?
- What happens if you run it from command mode (see proffitts post, just use start msedge + enter key)
- What happens if you run in it another Windows account (make a new local one if necessary for this test).
- For the three previous questions: if it doesn't run, can your find Microsoft Edge in the processes list in Task Manager?

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Thank you, Kees, for your detailed follow-up

by zlzpqx In reply to Re: Edge

Thank you, Kees, for your detailed follow-up, besides Bob's.

I use Windows 10, and had reinstalled Edge directly from Microsoft's website -- but I had no success in even opening Edge after rebooting my PC after the re-installation. So I had posted my original request for a suggestion about a solution to my problem.

With the regard to your other questions, let me provide the following information:

Using Bob's suggestions and other Microsoft Supporters' suggestions, I had tried to get Edge working, but in the meantime, some "mysterious" problem had developed in my ENTIRE PC system. So I sought help from a professional computer tech, whom I know. He came and fixed my PC system, but he too could not figure out what the exact problem with my PC was. He confirmed to me that no detectable virus had entered my PC. (I have Avast's Premium Antivirus Protection.)

So all three browsers -- Edge, Chrome, and Vivaldi -- in my PC are properly working now.

I much thank both you and Bob for providing ready help.

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Is it discontinued?

by Old Molases In reply to Edge can't be opened anym ...

Dint Microsoft rolled out an update telling that Edge will be discontinued?

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The non-Chromium Edge has reached end of support.

by proffitt In reply to Is it discontinued?

"Support for the legacy version of the Microsoft Edge desktop app ended on March 9, 2021."

That was not the issue here as you read the OP's last post.

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