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    Edit “Print to File” data or Spool Data


    by kennethaj ·

    I have a situation where I need to capture print data before it gets to the printer, edit data, and then print it.
    What we do is drop ship internet orders placed on customer websites, directly to their customers.

    Background- We use shipping software that links directly to FedEx, called CPS by Harveysoft. The software doesn’t acutally print our Shipping labels; Fedex sends the label data directly to our printer bypassing the software once the shipment data entry is complete and transmitted to FedEx. The problem is that we have a need to remove all of the phone numbers from the labels. After talking to both FedEx software integrators, engineers, and the shipping software programmers, they say that there is no way to modfiy label templates specifically for us because the templates are standardized for everyone. Please note that we must send the phone number data to Fedex in order to process the shipment, although it is not required to be on the label.

    This brings us to a possible solution. What I would like to do is print to file, then edit the data, and then send the result to the printer. I have had difficutlies, becuase there is all kinds of formatting with barcodes, label formatting, and such; and I am not a programmer, but I can figure out simple programming tasks.
    Furthermore, simply replacing the phone numbers with zeros or other characters are not acceptable to our customer.

    Does anyone know of any software or inexpensive utility that would allow me to capture the data, edit it, and send it to the printer? Or, would you be able to put me on the right track to writing something myself?

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      by dryflies ·

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      parse through the file looking for the pattern of a phone number (123)456-7890. what you are looking for is open paren 3 numerics close paren 3 numerics a dash 4 numerics.

      replace all the numerics within the pattern to zeros. It is unlikely the pattern will be repeated as a piece of barcode. However, the phone number could also be embedded within the barcode.

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      by kennethaj ·

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