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Here's a post about the history of the IBM computer.

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"The Displaywriter's "intelligence" came in 160K, 192K or 224K bytes of memory."
"cost $7,895 and leased for $275 a month. A system of three displays sharing a single higher speed printer and a paper handler sold for $26,185 and leased for $845 a month."

Great memories! I remember lining up just to ge a glimpse at these babies. Whooosh, we've come a long way. And to think this all started as a military project, I'm so glad company's like these picked up on them, I'm sure it was not intended to turn out this way. With out the motivations produced by enterprizing company's, the computer would have never made it to the consumer sector. Thanks again for an insightful look back.

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Curious... <edited as well>

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Edited09_06_07/Where do t ...

Who are you talking to?

...kinda reminds me of those people at the mall that walk around having conversations on their invisible bluetooth to people that don't exist. :)


ahhhh.... now that you added the lines to the top to reference what was being commented on, it all makes sense. Kind of.

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RE: Curious

by jflakdj In reply to Curious... <edited as wel ...

In our busines it's always smart to be open minded, and the rule is, there's never a bad question and "KEEP BOTH EYES OPEN."

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by kayostar In reply to Edited09_06_07/Where do t ...

Great Job

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