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By Jeffporsche ·
I used to go to ITT Tech and got out before it was too late. SOO expensive for something I was not sure would transfer later if I wanted to get a masters from a university. Not to metion all the negative things. Personally, it was draining my college money fast and I couldn't sustain it any longer with the uncertinty. Well here's some good news, Granthum University took 2 classes from ITT, Operating systems and networking.

So heres the question, would it be better to go to a University and get a Information Technology degree (bachelors) or Devry University tech school since Devry seems to by more reputable than ITT?

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Degree definitely

by Garion11 In reply to Education

A 4 year degree is so much more accepted as opposed to a tech certification. Just in case you ever decide to switch careers, that degree is a LOT more marketable than any certification out there (except maybe CCIE).

I am going to be starting classes at an online college at the end of August. My certs (Microsoft, A+, Network+ etc) trasferred to like 30 credits, plus life experience, plus CLEP exams, I am going to have my Bachelors by September of 2005. This is while working a full time job. Thats another option you can explore, online colleges. Good luck.

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by Jeffporsche In reply to Education

Thanks for the reply! Yes I'm planning on doing the "on-line" thing for the bachelors, though I am a little apprehensive because I like to sit in a class and ask questions and get an answer quick. Unfortunately I am not close to any major universities that offer computer information technology. CSU at Channel islands offers a computer science degree but are more expensive than Grantham. I still need to check on this though. I'm still looking at my options. Grantham sends ALL books and software to me and is covered under the military scholarship.
Thanks again

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