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education not required?!?!?!?!

By Jaqui ·
to have SENIOR positions in US Government, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY?!?!?!?
and THE WHITE HOUSE?!?!?!?

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Two views

by Oz_Media In reply to education not required?!? ...

1) It is pretty apparent from the "global-big-top" aka The White House that there is a relatively low education level in government, probably around the world and not just the current administration, although I am sure many big foppy clown shoes and red noses run rampant in The White House.
This results in the farce you see every day.

2) By the same measure, why do we value education credentials so? You don't have to have an education to make the best decisions in many cases ,for some people in some positions you do, but not all people in all positions.

For example, some people are born Olympic swimmers or runners. They will train to improve on their natural talents while in the field.

Other people train from scratch with a goal in mind, this takes a LOT more work and coaching, formal knowledge and training to pull it all together.

Some people have a natural engineering sense, they can strip down a car and rebuild a new one in no time. It takes very little school to learn the difference betweene being a backyard mechanic and then become an actual journeyman mechanic.

Someone else may strive to learn automotive but require FAR more training as it isn't a natural skill or one they have been involved with most of their lives, thus they require serious study and certification training.

Same for IT of course, some need very little training, or even just a test to pass a cert, others spend time in school tediously learning the skills.

SO how can a blanket be placed on education levels and be expected to produce the best results?
Some of the most succesful entrepeneurs and businessmen in the world are not high school grads, they just got into business and learned hands on. I would take on one of these people, given the fat chance, in a heart beat.

Yet my advertisement for a "College grad only" wouldn't get their application.

I don't see much of this in Canada, most wouldn't check your information if provided, the proof is in a persons proven ability, not paperwork or that someone stayed in school and extra five years while another went to work in the field.

I am not saying you don't need an education to succeed, but SOME of the most successful people in the world have poor education levels. Placing restrictions on the type of people you will hire, is also placing limitations on your company's ability to hire the right person for the job.

And this would also include political careers.

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by Jaqui In reply to Two views

but the us givernment has a policy requiring the education, and the policy to check the cv out.

so the circus clowns were going to prove another truism.
in government you get promoted to the level of your incompetence. problem was her original post was above her level of incompetence.

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THat's wat I mean

by Oz_Media In reply to ~L~

Why have such a policy and possibly restrict a better hands-on politician from playing an important role, it just closes doors on your own hiring abilities.

I still can't get the kalaiope music out of my head now, doo-do-do doo-do-do !

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Scary isn't it

by Oz_Media In reply to It's not only in governme ...

Perhaps the root of such issues is a strict requirement that people have a certain education level or to begin with.

IN the case provided the teacher was most definitely inadequate, how many BETTER teachers would have to be overlooked because they didn't have qualifications as impressive on paper?

In this case, the requirement for paper has resulted in a useless degree. Someone that has the ability but not the paperwork may have been a better choice.

Of course I am not saying we should hire just anyone, but such a requirement should be an asset not a need. A proper interview/internship would prove the weak form the able in no time. Certainly at a higher expense but what expense is there to be considered when it comes to educating children?

I am sure I would happily accept some tax trade-off's or reallocation of government funds from other less important issues. What's less important? Many things when compared to educating children.

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Doesn't anyone...

by Salamander In reply to It's not only in governme ... background checks anymore? Sheesh.

Here are links to two state offices that track diploma mills, in case anybody's curious:

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Incompetence maybe?

by dafe2 In reply to Doesn't anyone...

Holly crap, two mouse clicks and you have the whole history on someone...........a couple more and you've got the credit backround. Even a couple of discreet phone calls.

I know of a few places (In Canada) that require the employee to provide there OWN criminal record check and then they do a CSIS (Canadian Security Inteligence Service) backround check on top of that.

Scary thing to go through too.

Might want to try that at the Whitehouse huh?
Then again.....our Gov's not that far off either. LOL

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by Salamander In reply to Incompetence maybe?

There are a lot of places in the U.S. that have those requirements, too, for employees, contractors, and even vendors. Somebody must not be looking too closely!

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Got the shirt

by JamesRL In reply to Incompetence maybe?

I was hired by a major courier company in Canada, and had to do my own criminal record check before being signed on.

And my next employer required Governement security clearance to Secret.

I have no idea why you would find it scary. For us its comes with the territory.


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Sure it Does & I was being Facetious

by dafe2 In reply to Got the shirt

I also maintain CSIS Level 3 Secret......I was being FACETIOUS in that the forms where 45 pages deep in (our) case at least and they (CSIS) also went back 20 years.....some places don't.

It's just part of the business for us too at Nuclear Plants.

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