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    Education – Where to start?


    by ddemuth78 ·


    I have been the IT Guy for a Small-Business in MN for the last 9 years without any formal IT training. I began doing simple workstation support tasks and using an IT Consultant to do the rest. I now perform 97% of all Technology related needs.

    I now have an opportunity to get fiscal assistance in pursuing education to strengthen my IT career skills.

    I am attempting to get advise and opinions from successful IT career people to make the best decision as to what type of training and where.

    Basically I’m looking at the pros and cons between a tradition college degree and more focused certification training (e.g. CompTIA, MCSA, Cisco, etc).

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      by ddemuth78 ·

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      To make yourself a better candidate…

      by john.a.wills ·

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      though not necessarily the one who will win out, work on a college degree including what you missed in high school, so that you become broader based. For your career, you should include mathematics, especially discrete mathematics, and computer science, so that you understand informatics better and, probably, can more easily achieve any certification you seek in the future.

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      Where to start

      by freda2006 ·

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      I don?t know about the USA, but here in Ireland you would start by looking at the courses in the Information Technology colleges. For example, a Bachelor of Science Degree in IT management, a generic type of Degree that doesn?t focus on one subject matter, can be completed over three years parttime. It includes Cisco?s CCNA in networking, although you have to complete a forth year to do the final exam.

      Subjects include , Software development (jAVA), web and database development, operating systems, discrete math?s, statistics, networking, systems analysis, visual basic and design, business information systems, and so on??

      You must have something similar over there.
      Good luck

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