Effective security for home wireless network

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I am new to wireless networking. Have just bought a wireless router to configure and use for my home network. What is the best security standard to use and how do I provide other computers access to that router in a secure manner. I have been told that MAC address security is not safe and the best one to use is WEP.

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First check router / client support, but..

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If you are running a nice small Home Network, using WPA-PSK (also known as WPA-Personal) with AES Encrpytion will provide you with a great balance of security and ease of use.

Also make sure to use a strong Key (passphrase), and if the router supports it using an ASCII key will be the easiest to remember.

Rule of thumb for a strong memorable password follows these criteria

-At least 8 Characters in Length
-Contains at least 1 number, 1 capital letter, and one special character (like !,@,%, etc)

example: IEatFish37!

WEP is actually the least secure option, and there are hacking tools widely available for it.

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How important are you?

by Fred123456 In reply to Effective security for ho ...

I usually recommend the combination of MAC filtering and WPA for a higher level of security. But it really comes down to what your doing on the wireless and how valuable is it?

I think we can all agree that for every security process thats put in place. Their is someone or something that will be able to crack it. Especially when dealing with wireless access points. But detemining how much of a target you are and how much "hassle" you want to go through to connect is key.

I have a client that has WAP for specifically one reason, to print to their printer on the first floor. They don't use it for any other purpose so aside from securing the password for the WAP and PC securty, its wide open.

Then I have another client who actually wants to leave the WAP open so when friends come over its an easy connect for them.

Then I have another client who is an executive for a fortune 100 company and hired me to make sure his home wireless is as secure as it can be.

So looking at your needs and ease of use is always something to consider.

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