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Effective statements of work

By muw23 ·
This week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter lists the four most common statements of work and describes what goes into creating an effective statement of work. Have you encountered problems with statements of work? If not, what are your secrets to creating an effective statement of work?

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Is this some thing new ?

by ErickTreetops In reply to Effective statements of w ...

I find by reading many articles on IT on many web pages that these Articles seem to me to be re-engineered concepts with a new spin on them. If you've ever lestened to some one from sales you'll know what I mean.

A decent examination shows that these new ideas has been around since adam was a boy. Simply calling it something new and adding some frills does not change what we are talking about. And I think what we are talking about here is a Project management plan. Software Project Management plans should contain all the sub headings mentioned in the article and then some. SPMP have been around for a long time (although the number of organisations who don't use them is frightening).

Reinventing and renaming concepts in IT make an already difficult field more complex than it needs to be. My job as an IT professional is to take complex problems and break them down in simple managable solutions. This article does not help in that process.

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Not project plan but contract

by sdw5177 In reply to Is this some thing new ?

The point of the article is not to discuss something new, but rather the proper way to do something we all should be doing now. The problem is a vast majority of us don't do it right. A SOW is not a Project Plan and it is not a new term. Instead it is a crucial part of a consulting or vendor contract.

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The perfect Statement of Work

by cdorob In reply to Effective statements of w ...

Is there a way for a perfect Statement of Work?

Regardless of the number of hours invested in such activities with the client, it appears that there is always a way to miss some crucial elements and get the project wrong.

How do you handle incomplete user requirements if the customer is not willing to settle on the features?

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