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Efficient way to clean 300 keyboards

By nt-medic ·
There are only two of us to support 300 workstations (these workstations are in use 22 hours a day). We need a quick efficient way to clean the equipment! Alcohol swabs are NOT the answer -- way too time-consuming.

Let me know what works, what doesn't, and recommended products!

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by TheChas In reply to Efficient way to clean 30 ...

Just how dirty are the keyboards?

If you want to clean then, I recommend that you get at least 20 spare keyboards.

Swap out 20 keyboards at a time.

Rack up the dirty keyboards on their sides at a slight angle.

Use 2 garden sprayers.
1 with 1 teaspoon of dishwasher soap per gallon of water.
The other with clean water.

Spray the soap solution on at an angle to the keyboard.

Let it soak for a few minutes.

Thoroughly rinse the keyboards.

Allow then keyboards to dry COMPLETELY.
(At least overnight)

Repeat as needed.

Some peers have recommended a dishwasher. I advise against this method as you can get too much water and soap inside the keyboard.
Also, if the water is too hot, or you accidentally run the dry cycle, you can damage the membrane inside the keyboard.

Don't use either method for heavy keyboards. They usually have a large piece of metal inside them.

For at the station cleaning, shut the PC down and unplug the keyboard.
Flip the keyboard upside down.
Vacuum the keys.
Use a wet cleaning wipe from Tech-Spray or Chemtronics to clean the surface of the keys.

Keep in mind, that your time may be valuable enough to justify replacing the keyboards once a year or so.
At 300 keyboards, you should be able to get a very good price on replacements.


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by TheChas In reply to

Got your message.

Unfortunately, Chemtronic's web site is down for an upgrade. So I cant't be too specific.

In the US, their products are available from a number of industrial electronics distributors.

Tech Spray is at:

Product number 1743 is what I was thinking of.
There are several package styles including a 50 count canister of wipes, and a box of individual wipes.

The distributor link:

Should help you find a source.

I've used similar products to clean ink jet printers with only moderate effort required.

The effort required will depend on how bad the grime is.


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by OTL In reply to Efficient way to clean 30 ...

Pass out 300 swabs to the last shift (or first).

Cleaning keyboards/monitor/case/mouse should be a user responsibility.

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by lordseck In reply to Efficient way to clean 30 ...

wire core, hard, thick bristle pipe cleaners. You want ones with a thin shaft, and extra long, bendable heads. Bend the head in an L shape and go through all the keyboards. I agree with the suggestion to buy an extra 20 and swap them out. You can also get 300 plastic dustcovers really cheap, then all you have to do is strip off the dust cover and clean that thing. (not a night dust cover, one of the one's that clear and covers each key individually so one can still type with the dustcover on)

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by nwarfield In reply to Efficient way to clean 30 ...

A long camel-hair brush like you would use to polish shoes, slightly damp with an anti-bacterial cleaner. (check out what local hospitals use for cleaning in patient rooms) The brush will remove all that built up dirt on the keys but will not remove debri under the keys...for that I would recommend blowing it out with compressed air.

***instead of purchasing 'canned air' check out a welding supply or med equip store for an air tank that can be refilled with highly compressed will be much more economical and effective than the 'canned air'

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by wlbowers In reply to Efficient way to clean 30 ...

You can buy a new keyboard for $4.00 107 key black or white. usb or ps2.

How much time and materials does it take to add up to $4.00

Good Luck Lee

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