Effort Estimate for migrating applications from HP Alpha to HP Itanium

By dheerajkhanna ·
We need to migrate our application which is currently running on HP Alpha using OpenVMS. Application are clustered and it is a site based installations. There is only one version of each application which is used for multiple site.

I wonder how do we really calculate the effort needed of migrating these applications from HP Alpha to HP Itanium or Linux.

Is there any standard estimation technique which should be use for calculating resource requirement, schedule and cost of the total migration?

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so I guess

by Jaqui In reply to Effort Estimate for migra ...

Alpha and Itanium are different versions of HP-UX?

or are they hardware differences?
[ Intel Itanium processors ]

when it isn't clear what OPERATING system is under the system it's hard to answer the question.

but if you are using openVMS then I would also guess that these apps are java apps, using Apache's Tomkat server and Apache's HTTP server to run.
mans the cost is negligible, it os will not make aany difference, Apache Software Foundation's software runs on all operating systems.

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