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    EFS Backup Data Recovery Testing


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    I’m using EFS on my Win2K3 AD domain to encrypt files before they go to tape via ntbackup. I’ve created a Data Recovery Agent and EFS Policy, everything is working fine, files are being encrypted, the DRA can decrypt them just fine.

    Now I’m testing my disaster recovery procedures and this is what I’m finding.

    I take my encrypted tapes and my backup of the DRA’s Certificate with private key and go to a stand alone workstation. I restore a test file to the workstation and import the DRA’s certificate, I create a local EFS policy and specify the DRA. I cannot access the files.

    I’m not on the domain and not logged in to the system as the DRA because that user account is a domain account and this is a stand alone non-domain workstation.

    Am I trying to do the impossible? I surely hope not. Any ideas??

    Jason Weir
    NH Retirement System

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