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EFS Recovery & Knoppix

By rpeeples ·

I have a situation where a user encrypted files on a WXP Pro workstation. It was a desktop that was replaced with a laptop. The files were backed up to the server by the user then transfered to the laptop. Now he gets the dreaded message that the files can't be accessed b/c he is not authorized. The desktop has already been re-imaged so extracting the EFS key is out of the question.

I have read that you can use Knoppix's Live CD to access the files and make them usable. Is this true? If so, what is the process? (I have not used Linux enough to learn the ins & outs of it)

I greatly appreciate any & all suggestions!!!


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you will have

by Jaqui In reply to EFS Recovery & Knoppix

to fight a nice battle to break the encryption.
with either knoppix or windows.
you might be better off to work with the toolset you are familiar with.

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Keep encryption under IT control

by stress junkie In reply to EFS Recovery & Knoppix

I wish that I had something useful to help you.

This is the perfect example of why end users shouldn't be allowed to do their own encryption. We may not be technically able to stop them but there should be a computer use policy against it.

I'm sure the employee that did this will not face any consequences. Rather, if you don't decrypt the files then you will look bad.

People are a$$holes.

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