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EIP bad value during REDHAT 2.1 install

By vijayasawant ·
I am installing redhat advanced server on asus pentium4 2gb ram computer. During the installation, it is asking me driver file. I do not understand which driver it is refering. I marked installation withour driver. It went on but after some time error occur. EIP number not tainted.
EIP is at alt t Tab , select ...
EIP bad value kernel panic

Can anyone suggest what is causing this?


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by jmgarvin In reply to EIP bad value during REDH ...

Wait...back up. Did the install finish? Is your machine not booting? Where in the boot process does it stop? Do you have SATA drives?

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by vijayasawant In reply to

The install is interruppted. My computer has window xp home installed and I am installing redhat as another o/s. Manual does not mentioned about driver during installation.

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by K12Linux In reply to EIP bad value during REDH ...

I am recommending is that you downlaod and burn a new set of CDs. RedHat releases updated .ISO images which contain the installation AND all updates since the original install CDs came out. This includes newer kernels and additional hardware drivers. Odds are with an updated install CD things will "just work" and you won't have to figure out how to get/make a driver diskette.

To get the latest ISO CD images, log in to, click on "Channels", click on "Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS (v. 2.1 for i386)", click on "Downloads" and download the three "Binary Disc #" images. Finally burn the ISO images to CD using your CD burning software of choice.

Armed with your new install CDs you will probably have the drivers you need for your newer hardware... plus you will end up with the majority of available patches already installed on your system before your first update.

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by vijayasawant In reply to

IT is opened in two forums. I will close this one and continuing on other. I have updated other tar.

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by vijayasawant In reply to EIP bad value during REDH ...

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