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Election demographics

By Oz_Media ·
Just a passing thought really.

It seems to be common that coastal states vote for the Democratic party. I see a couple of demographic reasons for this, while just speculation I think there's some validity in it.

Actors, musicians, artists and other people who make creativity their lives seem to vote for democratic parties, perhaps due to their more spatial minds, perhaps due to their knowledge of the world (travelling actors and musicians for example)and perhaps many simply becaus ethey are more in tune emotionally and are easily sold on the emotional side of teh campaigns.

However I also thought of another reason last night while looking at the blue coast of America.

These people all live in on near port cities. Obviously they would have more contact with people from around the world and more awareness that people are just people regardless of origin.

I am not saying people in central US states don't get out, but I think there is a geater 'world' exposure to those living in or near major travel and shipping ports.

Does this exposure to the world's people actually make oe more aware and in tune with foreigners, making them less alien and more 'normal' to the coasties?

It is similar in Canada too, those on or near teh cost have USUALLY favoured the democrats, as they are the bleeding hearts and tree huggers of the country. But even though we have not elected NDP for some time now, Vancouver Island is predominantly democratic as is the East coast of Canada. So there are som similarities, even though in Canada the democrats are much less favoured across the board than in the USA.

Hmmmmmm, just a passing thought.

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Having heard from the left coast.....

by JamesRL In reply to Election demographics

....So did you even look at the election results across the country for Canada?

Toronto elected NOT A SINGLE CONSERVATIVE. Toronto has its fair share of tree huggers. It is a port, but like Chicago, an insland port. But we get most of the immigration into Canada.

By the way, below the Mason Dixon there are a number of coastal states that went Republican and if you consider the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Lousiana, Georgie, South Carolina, all solidly Republican.



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Aren't they always though

by Oz_Media In reply to Having heard from the lef ...

I figrued those states were mainly republican and always have been, though i am sure with som evariation over the years.

But look at the coasts, Pacific and Altantic, especially northeast, I think these are more common tourist ports and thus the people living in those areas get a greater exposure.

Again it was just a thought but the colours sure lay out a costal democratic favour.

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Admint It

by The Scummy One In reply to Election demographics

you were bored and just wanted to start a discussion!

you have been smoking/drinking something :0

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by JamesRL In reply to Admint It
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by Oz_Media In reply to Admint It

It's something I heard about years ago, artists etc. have more left leaning tendencies, they share a more emotional and 'united world' mentality. I dismissed it during the bush election though becaus ethat was just a farce from the capaigns to teh votes, the whole thing was a kaibosh, kinda like Bush's 8 years at the helm.

Don't tell the crew to patch the hole in the hull, have them poke thei rifngers in it and see if it gets bigger. Meanwhile just get the passengers running for the lifeboats as if its a drill and keep the sinking ship issue quiet.

This was my point:

Most coastal, major port cities seem to have been blue, I think that's the dems, right? Even around the great lakes, which have more exposure to tourism, Canadians, foreign shipping etc.!

Whereas the central and southern states are all red.

I smoke cigars only, I drink Scotch and that's a dead give away at work so I have to wait for my dram a wee bit after.

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Actors, musicians, artists

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Election demographics

and other people who make creativity their lives seem to vote for democratic parties, perhaps due to their more spatial minds...

Perhaps due to the fact that Democrats give them more money than do Republicans.

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Big issue in our recent Canadian election

by JamesRL In reply to [i]Actors, musicians, art ...

The conservative government had made some changes to arts funding just before the election. In reality the total arts funding had gone up by 8% but some programs got bigger increases, others got cuts.

Some of the cuts went to bigger more visible programs, and the arts community went ballistic. When a reporter asked the Prime Minister said something to the effect of not thinking average Canadians appreciated big galas and well to do artists.

It caused a loss of several seats in Quebec - became a major issue, may have cost the conservatives a majority.



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by Oz_Media In reply to [i]Actors, musicians, art ...

Republicans don't buy movie tickets, music, art etc? They don't go to concerts, buy t-shirts, read fictional books etc. like everyone else?


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Missed her point

by jdclyde In reply to Huh

Republicans don't believe every artsy fartsy endeavor should be paid for with tax dollars.

Charge admission and make it pay for it's self.

It should have been illegal for "dung Jesus" to get one cent of government funding, but it was anti-religion, so libs ate it up.

Bottom line:
Dems seem to think that "The Government" should be sponsoring every "arts" program, and are quick to throw money around.

Reps seem to think that people that enjoy art galleries should pay to go to them, as well as any other art function.

When is the last time the Canadian government paid for a concert? They don't, and we shouldn't either. Like you said, that is what ticket sales are for.

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I know what her point was, I simply ignored it

by Oz_Media In reply to Missed her point

As her point is more focused towards, as you say, 'artsy fartsy types'. I was peaking of musicians, celebrities, writers etc. who have already suceeded in their endeavors, not those seekign government handouts to buy a new easel and a trip to Balize to paint landscapes. We get them too and that's not who I was referring to.

We have an issue with canadian content.

If you want to make it in Canada, you just play Canadian content and the government will qipe your a$$ for you.

I am referring to a "mentality" of the somewhat wealthy or successful people in the arts, not situational benefits for amateurs.

thus I will also not address your comments long those lines either.

P.S. The Canadian government funds tours all teh time, they fund the Jazz festival which used to have cigarrette sponsorship before that was illegal. They fund studio time, touring, concerts etc. But you have to play Canadian content and that's as far as ou'll get. People who want to go beyond that, need to fund themselves, find a label or deal from someone else and go for broke.

Remember I work in that industry and I shop bands for deals outside of the crap we are force fed in North America.

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