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Election hopes from the Middle East

By Oz_Media ·
So many thoughts, but how many posts do I start?
I'll try to condense it into teh Readers Digest verison in a single post.

I saw a lot of very young people with glazed over eyes as they gazed adoringly at the stage awaiting Obama's victory speech, he has filled Americans with hope, and perhaps that's what you need. I also have to commend McCain on his very eloquent speech as he conceded the election, he is a man with nothing to be ashamed of, a strong American and someone who is a paradigm of what a true believer should be. He believed in himself, he believed in America and he very graciously believes in Obama, asking Americans to come together and support the new president elect as he leads a very volatile America for at least the next 4 years (personally I think that unless someones assasinates him, or he makes some horrendous mistakes, he will see a term of .

I wondered about Canada's borders, if Obama is going to spend all this extra money on border security, how long is it going to take to get across the line now? Many Canadian supporters didn't seem to be aware of his intent to increase border security funding, I suppose they drank some cool aid and also stared on with glazed eyes.

And what's goin got happen with Canadian troops in Afghanistan, from what I understand, Obama wants to extend their duty to help support a greater US presence (which is about 4 years too late).

I then thought about just how much he is going to play with NAFTA and how THAT will effect our economy too, but my own thoughts seemed irrelevant as I started to consider the Middle East, that is the big one we really need to address afterall.

So I dropped by AlJazeera's website and started to read Middle Eastern news. They seem happy that Obama is elected but they also expect a lot of personal attention from the new president, hope you don't mind sharing.

First of all, I must say that after reading a lot of Middle Eastern news last night, I find AlJazeera News to be extremely biased towards Obama too, its nice to know that Cool Aid is also available in a variety of flavours in the Middle East too!

US Votes: Afghan Hopes
Increasing insecurity, rising costs and growing lawlessness have left many Afghans sceptical of the US-dominated Western intervention, which began seven years ago....But the infectious enthusiasm of Obama's supporters seems to have touched Afghanistan too - resulting in a cautious optimism that has been absent for a very long time.

US election diary: Politics of fear
A pre-election article that truly displays AlJazeera's favour of Obama.

Gaxa holding scant hopes
Many Palestinians doubt whether either US presidential candidate can help ease
the crisis in Gaza.
(Includes comments by people of many different walks of life.

Poll proposed for Iraq-US pact
Iraqi's hold hope that the new president will see that Iraqi's will have greater jurisdiction over US troops and want a guarantee that US soldiers will not launch attacks on other countries from Iraq.

The man has his work cut out for him, once American eyes return to their daily duties and the buzz of having a black president (sorry, but he's NOT an African he's an American and is black) starts to mellow, will Obama actually step up to the plate and continue to follow through until the job is done?

Only time will tell but I congratulate you all for bringing forth two of America's finest for a change, what a refreshing election it was, for the whole world, what a glorious face it has given America once again, lets hope it lasts..

With all that said, and if you made it this far down the post,

What are you planning to do with McCain, don't suppose you'd lend him to us for a few years would you? Y'all can keep Palin though, she's just a plea for the bleeding hearts, how she ever sat in as a Republican is beyond me, she screams extreme lefty all over, but I'd welcome McCain with open arms he's a man who deserves to hold his head high and you should all be proud that he's a humble, fellow American, working for your best interests.

Cheers to 4 good years, the first of 8 where America has a chance to show her true colours once again.

From Rogers Water's "The Tide is Turning"
I'm not saying that the battle is won
But on Saturday night all those kids in the sun
Wrested technology's sword from the hand of the
War Lords
Oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning

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by Oz_Media In reply to Election hopes from the M ...

A busy day on TR today, don't tell me I have to lower myself to bumping my own posts.

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Here's one for you

by maxwell edison In reply to Wowsers
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Thanks, for that

by Oz_Media In reply to Here's one for you

Max, steps up to the plate, what a man!

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Okay, here's my answer to your original message

by maxwell edison In reply to Thanks, for that

I still stand by that answer.

P.S. The only thing I will change is this. There have been on-going plans for a gradual withdrawal of US troops, and more Iraqis have been assuming the security roles. The beginning of the end has been in place ever since the successful implementation of the surge, but nary a word about it in the press. Once Obama is in office for a bit, it will become news and Obama will take the credit. (The sad part is that people will believe it and give him credit.)

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Haven't read yet but

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay, here's my answer to ...

Your comments are accurate in fact there is a pact with the Iraqis that there will be no US occupation in three years. THIS is another issue they are hopng Obama will iron out and have the US adhere to, while the US is not so happy about the clause. They also want to allow Iraqis rto start leading the US army and eventually hold complete jurisdictiction over US troops in Iraq.

I have seen abotu a half dozen documentaries on world music, heavy metal etc. on the world scene and in every single one of them,
ordinary folks have been BEGGING for the US to leave and let them resolve their own issues. they all say that the violence today, is not teh violence of yesterday and that today it is simply people from all beighbouring countries coming forth to fight against the US occupation. They no longer push religious difference as once former enemies are now becoming united in the fight to get rid of teh US occupation.

Face it, the people you 'apparently' went to save have no interest in being saved and feel it was more secure and a lot more free befor ethan it is today. video footage in teh various areas is taboo, they (reporters and teh likes0 are handed pieces of film by teh Afghans, Iraqi's etc. that they are allowed to show and air in North America. they just overdub a reporters voice and air it as first hand news.

Its a scam, a crock and it has to end. our propaganda machines are no better than those of the Middle East, and are probably even more misleading in most instances.

The footage that AlJazeera can air and teh footage that CNN can air are two diffeent things all together, its not like CNN broadcasts tha facts and AJ is only showing one side of the picture, they are the only ones ALLOWED to air the full picture. Cnn just gets handed footage and told, this is from when that bomb exploded in Kabul. Then they add their commentary and air it as front line news.

I don' tbuy ANY of th USmedia these days, not when so many others around the world report and entirely different view of the situation. I don't believe that CNN or other networks are the ONLY ones that get the right story, its complete horsesh1t but people buy into it everyday and get a completely differnt picture of the reality.

Well, it seems I have strayed a wee bit, doesn't it? (deep slow breaths)

okay, I'll shut up and read your link now, sorry.

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the mother of all flip-flops

by Oz_Media In reply to Okay, here's my answer to ...

I agree with the comments above but also think tat Obama will seek to redeploy many troops to Afghanistan.

He will also be expected to push the Israelis to fulfil their promises regarding the Palestinian-Israeli peace accords, in accordance with an agreement that the US government has apprently ignored due to their favour of Palestinians.

That's a HELLO of a lot of weight for a new president to carry, but there's SOMETHING, I am nto sure what, that makes me feel he is going to be effective in the Middle East, even though he is green and inexperienced in that regard. People seem willign to work with him and while I fear they may be looking for TOO much from him (I suppose having lived under their dictatorships they feel a US president can do anything), and may be again disgruntled with the US.

I certainly don't see Obama sending everyone home next week, and it has been common knowledge for some time now that slow withdrawl plans are in effect. People are unfairly expecting him to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, not going to happen.

I am sure he will do better than what we have seen in the last 8 years though.

sorry, I know you loved Bush but its time the world moved forward and that's just not possible with Bush in office. Whether McCain or Obama, either one of them has a better chance in the middle east because neither of them ordered US occupation of the country, which is their main point of agression it seems.

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Uh the Surge is a failer for Afghanistan

by jmgarvin In reply to Okay, here's my answer to ...

Nobody finished the sentence...The Surge worked...BUT....The Surge worked, but at what cost?

Once we stop paying off the terrorists and once we focus on Afghanistan (because it's delving deeper and deeper into disarray and civil war), once we hand over the control to the Iraq government, etc etc etc, Iraq will go back to the way it was in 2004 or 2005.

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Iraq will go back to the way it was in 2004 or 2005

by maxwell edison In reply to Uh the Surge is a failer ...

You might be right, you might be wrong.

How much time and/or what will cause the return to the situation as it was in 2004?

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The second we stop paying off the terrorists....

by jmgarvin In reply to [i]Iraq will go back to t ...

It won't take long after we stop paying them.
It's also not going to take long when we are
forced to move troops to Afghanistan.

We've destabilized Afghanistan so that The
Surge would work. Brilliant planning....

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The only way Iraq will go back is

by TonytheTiger In reply to Uh the Surge is a failer ...

if we leave (I don't expect a time in the next generation or so when there won't be at least some American presence). If we were to leave, Iraq would become the property of Iran in a very short time.

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