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electric cars,vehicles.

By diskworld1 ·
i have an idea for electric cars,but have no idea if i can protect or copyright the idea,or who to talk to who might be able to use the idea, IF they think it is a good idea .personally i dont think it has been used yet and if not i think it has potetial.
id be pleased to hear from people who might have suggedtions. at the moment i would rather not post the idea in a public forum.
thanks markus.

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Patent the idea

by Bizzo In reply to electric cars,vehicles.

First off, I would patent the idea.
This site should be useful to you in Australia:

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'Easiest way to patent' still applies in law ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Patent the idea

Put your idea down on paper, written in the clearest most un-misinterpretable way, so that there can be no confusion.

Make 5 copies of said document.

Place each copy in a sealed envelope, criss-crossed with wax crayon to prove any tampering has not occurred, and on 5 consecutive days post each envelope to yourself by Registered Delivery (or whatever Pony Express security service you Aussie folk use these days).

The reasoning for the 5 copies is simple: it prevents anyone claiming to have thought about it 'at the same time', it precludes the remotest possibility that a single envelope might get lost, and it proves beyond any doubt that you were of cogent mind when you sent them.

When you receive each envelope, duly franked via the postal service (or trodden on by the Pony) you place all 5 envelopes in a secure place UNOPENED. A safe-deposit box in a Bank is by far the best option.

NOW you follow the PATENT route, which might prove fairly arduous, not to mention time-consuming and expensive.

You wouldn't be the first person to register for a patent just to find some snake-oil-merchant stole your idea from the Patent Office. The pre-dated envelopes in the Bank vault prevent this from happening. :)

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by Bizzo In reply to 'Easiest way to patent' s ...

You Scots don't trust anyone do you?

But yes, good idea, I'd forgotten about that.

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Talking of stolen patents, by all accounts ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Blimey

Thomas Edison never invented the lightbulb, he just patented it.

Alexander Graham Bell never invented the telephone, he just saw the patent application and happened to have more money for the process, so 'his' patent got processed first. - He stole the patent!

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Also make sure they are Vacuum sealed..

This preservers the letters in question as well as the date and postal mark.

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Well the very first thing to do is a World Wide Patent Search

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to electric cars,vehicles.

To see if the idea has been patented already or if it is nothing more than a minor substitution of an existing Patent in which case you will be required to pay the Patent Owner for using their idea.

Then if the idea hasn't been Patented you can apply for an AU Patent and then a World Wide Patent but be prepared to spend a lot of money and be waiting a few years before you can talk to anyone about it. If you mention it to anyone before it is Patented you are effectively giving away the idea to whom ever wants to use it.

I hope you have very deep pockets.


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