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    Electronic Book Interface Question


    by aspiring_one ·

    I recently came across some electronic books that really sparked my curiosity. They appear to be programmed in Visual Basic, but I am not really sure if that is the case. It is an executable file that maximizes when you launch it.

    I showed it to a friend of mine who is a programmer and he seems to think that somehow a web browser object was used because the text in the chapters appears to be in html format, the links from chapter to chapter work just like a web site would, and there are navigation buttons on the top of the page that take you back and forward, etc. Also, through some type of glitch, you are able to view other pages on the web using the same interface as well.

    Does anyone have any idea how this is done? It really seems to be html, however the file that runs the book is an executable and I am not familiar with this.

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