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By norhana.mohd.nordin ·
The company I'm working for has created an electronic library used to store electronic publications and documents. How to I encourage employees of my company to maximize the use our existing electronic library (instead of keeping paper documents in store/cabinets.

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Overcome inertia


You've got a couple thousand years of history fighting you. Even the youngest people on your staff grew up with paper books.

You can't fight ingrained habits, but you can make your library more attractive and more user-friendly.

The usual problem people have with an electronic library is having to master a new way of finding stuff. Work on your indexing, your user-friendliness.

Add some fun stuff that changes every day like a joke and a piece of trivia, perhaps even something relevant to the business. Make people want to log in just for the daily laugh.

Get people to log on to the library and you're halfway there. Hold their interest for one minute and you've got them.

This is a marketing problem. Approach it that way.

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Few things which I can think of. Hopefully, it might be helpful.

by mdyameen6 In reply to ELECTRONIC LIBRARY

Hi Norhana,

I believe you should the following changes in order for employees to follow:

1) First of all, make sure everyone is aware about Electronic Library, send an email to them or give a demonstration of the system by inviting all the responsibile employee. If you invite everyone in the meeting room you may announce other things as well.
* Basic functions of the System
* Key advantages of system being implemented in the orgranisation
* How the system will improve their productivity
* How the system will make their life easier (this will really help) :-)
* Explain them, how easy it'll be to find any document
2) Give professional training and reasonable time to understand. Some people would like to try new things but they are afraid of not knowing the things in detail. So, training is very much important. By doing so, they might help you to improve the lacking things in the system. Because most of the times, operational guys are experts :-)

3) Set a deadline to get familiar with the New Implemented System, so that you can move out the traditional way of file handling or make it secondary option. And let them know very clearly that, if they don't follow they'll be answerable to the management, as simple as that.

That's all, I can think of rightnow. Between, are you the project manager for this project in s'alam? I'm working quite nearby your office, i guess :)


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