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Eliminate WinXPro win at boot.

By real1roger ·
Hi, I like to watch the POST when booting, but the WinXPro loading progression slide bar takes over the screen. How can i see 'like the dos screen checking everything' while loading? Thank you, Roger

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Eliminate WinXPro win at boot.

by TheChas In reply to Eliminate WinXPro win at ...

I don't know that you can actually get what you want.

The Windows Welcome screen displays AFTER the POST is complete.

I don't believe that Windows reports each driver or device loaded on the screen like DOS used to.

If it does, the screen will scroll way to fast for you to read on any modern PC.

That said, you may be able to modify ntoskrnl to have no image displayed.

This link is for ways to change the Welcome screen graphic:

While I have never tried it, you may be able to revise the file for no graphic display.

If you really want to check what is going on, you may want to set your boot options to always go to step by step confirmation instead of loading Windows automatically.
Or, at least to show the boot menu so that you can select step by step confirmation.
NOTE: on a quick search, I could not find how to set the boot menu in XP. The best option I could find was on the Boot.ini screen of msconfig
Enable boot log to generate a list of what happens when Windows boots.


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Eliminate WinXPro win at boot.

by n4whk In reply to Eliminate WinXPro win at ...

try hitting [ESC] when the splash screen appears. works on Win98 and below....not sure about XP

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