Eliminating OEM memory detection/configuration error?

By jwg1933 ·
I am attempting to install Vista. It seems to go most of way through, but then it stops and I get an OEM memory detection/configuration error and then a blank screen. It seems to stop there. I changed the memory and reloaded Vista, but the same thing happens again. I want to know how I can eliminate this problem.

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Need your computer specs....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Eliminating OEM memory de ...

It will be helpful to know what your computer is made up of. I:E, motherboard, processor, memory (what kind, Kingston, Crucial etc).

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and the full error text would be good

by seanferd In reply to Need your computer specs. ...
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Error Text

by jwg1933 In reply to and the full error text w ...

There is no error text. The motherboard has a digital readout that gives the E2 error. The screen is blank

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by jwg1933 In reply to Need your computer specs. ...

Foxconn A79A-S motherboard flashed with the latest bios,Phenom II X4 3000 ghz, 2 Kingston 800 memory, Vista Home Premium

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One of 2 Things

by TheChas In reply to Eliminating OEM memory de ...

Either you have the wrong memory for the specific motherboard on this system.

Or, the motherboard is bad.

Just because your RAM passes the BIOS POST RAM test does NOT mean that the RAM is fully functional for your system. There could be any number of speed, latency or density issues that prevent Windows from loading properly with the installed RAM.

Check the specifications for the motherboard and make sure the RAM you are installing is of the correct speed and chip density for the board. If the system still fails with name brand compatible RAM, then you have a defective motherboard.


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by jwg1933 In reply to One of 2 Things

I talked with Foxconn technical support and was told to get the latest bios. I did that and still have the same problem.

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Bad Parts

by TheChas In reply to Reply

I suspect bad RAM or a bad motherboard.

Change out the RAM and see what that does for you.


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