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Eliminating Passwords to further strengthen cyber security

By bnick7 ·
How about we use biometric in a firm's atmosphere, it has potential to provide security towards data breach.

What do people of Tech republic think about this? Is it worth applying biometric!

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That is actually Weaking Security not improving it.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Eliminating Passwords to ...

The most basic premis in any IT Security is never set a Password that can not be changed.

When you use Biometrics you are doing exactly that setting a password that is IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE.

Whatever Biometric Scanner you are using converts the image into a Password Admitelly a very complicated password but it's still a Password that in Unique to that indivual and is impossible to change. Be it a Fingerprint, Iris Scan or whatever it's not something that is possible to change in anything but with the use of Plastic Surgery for Facial Reconition and even then that is debatable and it's extremly unlikely the business will pay for the surgery or that the indivual will be willing to undergo the surgery.

While it may prove possible to crack the password that the Biometric Scanner produces are you sure that your existing Security will actually protect the Password Data Base that you are using. Having the strongest Password possible is great but it's also only as good as the security on the Data Base of Passwords that you are holding. So it is possible that a Cracker breaches your Password Data Base and when they get all of the Biometric Passwords you are unable to change them so your security is shot and nonexistant for ever more.

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