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By kal_lmn ·
Hi, and thank you for helping me with my last problem, the solution i got worked perfectly. This time, i need to know how to get rid of an old version of elite keylogger. I previously installed a 7-day trial, and it has expired, now i want to try a newer version, but it says that I need to remove any previous versions. The problem is that since elite keylogger is so covert, I cant find it to uninstall it. I have tried anti keyloggers, and anti spyware (including anti keylogger elite, avg anti spyware, adaware se 2007, and spy sweeper). Those programs have spotted a couple parts of the keylogger, but have not removed the whole thing (hence I keep getting the same error as i try to install the new keylogger). I don't know what to do, i have scanned system files, the registry, all regular files, and so on with all the previously mentioned spyware removers. Elite keylogger is just too good, what can i do to install the new version and get rid of the old.
P.S. I have also tried the add/remove programs, so dont mention that.
Thanks in advance again.

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Elite Keylogger Software.

by MyLittleMansAnIdiot In reply to elite keylogger

I just checked out the Elite Keylogger website, and was amazed at how this piece of software was being marketed. It's basically what every user should endeavor to keep OFF their system. To be able to perform as the website describes the software must install a rootkit onto the system. Which means the system becomes compromised, granting access to anyone able to access the rootkit. Why you want to do this to your own system is beyond me, and doing it to someone elses system only speaks of malicious intent.

There only one real way to be sure that you've removed this sort of software from your system, and that's format and reinstall your OS.

Although this website looks very professional, I'd be very wary of using this software. The "company" (of which there are no details on the site) that produces this software could have full access to your system, and the ability to do everything described in the features of the software. Buying the software just means you're paying someone to gain covert access to whoever's system the software is installed to. The installation of a free trial that can't be fully removed just reinforces my suspicion that this software has some hidden malicious intent.

I can see where people could think this could be a useful security feature for their home PCs, to check if the kids are doing something on the internet they shouldn't, but prevention is a better cure for that, and prevention can be done in far more secure ways, such as content blocking software that uses keywords to stop access to certain parts of the internet. Even if you suspect your partner of some kind of betrayal, there's better ways to investigate than using such invasive and malicious software.

My advice, put your Windows CD in the CD/DVD drive fire up your PC and start from scratch, hopefully you have a recent backup of important data from prior to the installation of this software. Even so, if not I'd still recommend cutting your losses and doing a clean reinstall of your OS.

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Thank you

by kal_lmn In reply to Elite Keylogger Software.

Thank you, but i have one more problem, I dont have an OS cd. I bought my whole computer OS pre installed, is there a way i can get an OS cd, or make one from my computer? And thank you for your information about rootkits, i didnt know that they were harmful. Spy sweeper has a scan option for rootkits, I hope that will remove it. Thanks once again for the warning on rootkits, ill be more careful next time.

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