Emachine Continuously Reboots after Running Restore CDs

By hobbsje ·
The motherboard in an Emachine T2885 that i have went out. I replaced it with a different motherboard (different manufacturer and model). I used the three Restore CD's that came with the computer to restore the factory configuration. When the last CD finished loaded, I removed the CD (as instructed) and pressed enter. The computer appeared to start rebooting (screen black flollowed by the "Compaq" screen--the different board) but then the boot selection menu (Safe Mode, Normal Mode, etc) came up. I selected Safe Mode. It appeared to start booting in Same Mode. It displayed a list of files being loaded and after ...\mup.sys came up, the computer automatically rebooted and run the same steps again and again. The CDs state on the label that they will only work on emachines. But are they matched to the original motherboare? Anyone got any suggestions?

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You no longer have "Factory Configuration" . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Emachine Continuously Reb ...

Therefore, most -if not all- of the primary drivers contained in your 'Restore CDs' are incompatible with your new motherboard, the onboard chipset, etc.

Clearly your system no longer complies with "CDs state on the label that they will only work on emachines".

Your system, by virtue of the different motherboard, is NO LONGER an eMachine.

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Build an UBCD for Windows

by IC-IT In reply to Emachine Continuously Reb ...

Or use another method to access the files and directories.
You will (usually) find an I386 folder in the Root of the drive.
Run the Winnt32.exe file. This will initiate the loading of the Windows Install and will eventually offer you an opportunity to conduct an In-Place or Repair installation.

Edited to add: After the repair it will likely claim that the Key is no longer valid. You can call the number and carefully answer the questions to obtain a valid input.

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