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    Emachine problems


    by bsummers ·

    I have a couple of problems, first of all, I have a model W2888 desktop computer and I cannot get it to do anything. I see a green light on the motherboard and that is it….It will not boot up at all…..Also, I took the front of the computer off and the three wires on the computer that hook to the motherboard came loose. One is the power button, on is the LED light and the other one is the Hard Drive light. I kow the spot they go on the MB but I’m not for sure in what order and whick prong they hook too….I need some help bad…


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      by bsummers ·

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      RE: Emachine problems

      by jake ·

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      Are there any visable brand/model markings on the mainboard?
      I can’t seem to find anything at all on that model of emachines other than the basic users’ manual.

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        Emachine Problem

        by bsummers ·

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        The name of the motherboard is a Intel Seabreeze D845GVSR. I’m just not sure what to do with this computer…I don’t want to spend more than about $100 on this computer because new ones are so cheap now….I would like to fix it if I could though….Thanks for your reply

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      You should be able to

      by gary56789 ·

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      find the answers here

      Be sure to look at the whole document. It doesn’t list everything you need in the same place.

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      Emachines problems

      by Anonymous ·

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      Did you ever get the computer to work? I know what pins the cables should be connected to.

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        Same problem

        by brenda marko ·

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        I have a emachine w2888,where do the three wires go,I know the spot where they go but I do not know the order or color Thank You

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      by rigginsa ·

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      I’ve been working on one with the same problem. It may just need a new power supply, so I would try that first. They use a standard ATX supply. The probable cause is a bad motherboard, and probably the poser supply too. It’s recommended that you change the P/S when you change the motherboard anyway because it’s probably the P/S that killed the board. This is a known problem with several eMachines models.

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      Step by step…

      by Anonymous ·

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      First locate the wire(s) to the front panel.
      (Mark them up). If there is a wire(s) connected to a small button, this will be the “reset” (reset button). Locate the other wire(s) to the big button this will be your “power” or “pwr” wire. The other will be “hdd led”.
      Locate on your motherboard the pins for “reset” or “res”, “pwr” (power), “hdd led”.
      You will need to have the label(s) of the wire(s) facing you (facing away from the motherboard) when you place them on to the pins, you might need a magnifing glass to place these wires correctly on to the corresponding pins.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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      loose wires

      by dwyone4 ·

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      if you take a good look at the motherboard the base of the prongs are acutally color coded.
      all you have to do is match up the colors for example.
      the red and white cord would go on the prong with the red and white base the alignment of the cord is red and white on white and solid red on red and ect.

      hoped this helpd you out

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