EMachine T1105

By fireman_103 ·
I have had this desk top for about 7 years now. The power went off in the house the other day. I tried to power up my Emachine and it will boot to the screen with all the choices safe mode, last know good boot etc. when you choose where you want to boot the machine attempst to do so but it goes right back to the same screen over and over. Any ideas...

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by mamies In reply to EMachine T1105

Running Memory testers and Hard Drive testers.

To me it mainly sounds like faulty RAM but I could be wrong.

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Also check the Power Supply as this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Try

Could have suffered damage with the Power Failure or when the power was returned.

You can check the function of the unit with either the Ultimate Boot CD available here

Or a Live Linux any of the ones listed here will do

If the system works OK when running from the Optical Drive it's OK and just the OS has been corrupted. If it continues to shut down and restart you'll have to find the problem and rectify that first before proceeding in an attempt to fix your OS.

You can try a In Place/Repair Install of Windows the directions for XP are here

If you are not using XP you'll need to look up the directions for your OS on the M$ Site.


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